Day 5 – Motivation within us

Some days need no motivation – you wake up and it’s already there.  Then there are those other days where you have to go on a long deep search and sometimes still come up empty handed.  Today is somewhere in between, somewhere in the grey area, and sometimes these grey days are the most challenging.  Not because I don’t want a date with my running shoes but because I also feel like doing many other things – such as organizing, shopping (today shopping for teaching supplies for this imaginary classroom I have), and spending time with my fam jam.

I always ask myself, why do you run? who do you run for? and the answer is always the same. I run because it’s me.  I run because when I don’t, I go crazy.  Not just crazy in the sense that I’m restless and need something to do, crazy in the sense that I feel as though I’m missing something.  I run because it’s like making a date with myself. I run beacuse I like spending time with me, and well, I think I’m a pretty decent date, although some may disagree …

So when I’m looking for motivation I look inside – and it becomes as simple as being true to myself.  That’s my motivation today. 

So I say to you all, take yourself out on a date – go for a run 🙂

Oh ya….sometimes I run for Byron 🙂


About Erica Marie

just a girl navigating a life of mental health struggles
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